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I help people to improve their life.

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1:1 Coaching

One to One Coaching is a service for people who are interested in personal growth and development.


This can help you overcome your barriers to relationship, negativity, money &  lead to your success.

Self Development

 Do you sometimes find yourself not being able to accomplish the things you want to? Then i can help.

Life Programs

The videos & courses can greatly help you to accomplish exponential growth.


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I joined the Clinical hypnotherapy class to solve some of the issues I was facing—what a fabulous experience. Whether you need someone to help you go through a major change in your life or address one of the issues affecting millions of us – from anxiety to food or sleep disorders, or from confidence to performance issues – Sidharth would deal with any of those. A fabulous listener with an incredible capacity to synthesize our muddled thoughts into a clear problem statement and tackle it swiftly. Such a wonderful person, warm and inspirational. I did not think I could meet people who would make such a profound, positive change to myself at this age :). Thank you, Sidharth, for everything.
Sunil kumar
Designer & freelancer
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I'm so glad to be a part of the family of learning clinical hypnotherapy. I want to address this as a family bcoz Sidharth Sir is more than a mentor who showed me the right path in my life to overcome the hurdles I faced to come out of my past negative beliefs and negative patterns in my subconscious mind. He is a beautiful person because of his kindness and dedication to his work.
Sumathi senthilkumar
Warrior ( Home Maker )
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I am a happy student of clinical hypnotherapy. Sidharth has been a great trainer and coach who wonderfully cares for his coach and students. His courses are so well designed that anyone can easily understand and study them. Personal attention given to each student by Sidharth is one of the best parts of his courses. He makes all his students understand the complex system and formulae of self-hypnosis and advanced techniques in simple language. It was fun learning from Sidharth, and I look forward to more and more students being trained by him. Thanks a lot.
Alok Joshi
Oppo Marketing Manager
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I am blessed to have Sir Sidharth as a mentor and coach. I am very blissful to have joined the clinical hypnotherapy mastery course. I must say, this has become the turning point in my life as I met my fantastic coach and learned hypnosis from him. He is very kind and supportive toward every student. I had great fun with him and with my batchmates. I am waiting to see more amazing personalities be transformed by Mr Sidhart, sir.
Preeti Yadav
Kids Spoken Specialist
I was part of that beautiful and mind-blowing journey of clinical hypnotherapy mastery. I want to share something, and that is, I have heard that you get a turning point in your life once where you transform entirely in a positive way, and I have to say, I got this turning point after joining this course, and more than this, I am glad to meet Mr. "Sidharth Mahto." I never saw a person who had this much enthusiasm. He is a powerhouse of energy. I liked his teaching style. The way he made us understand everything was commendable. He has become one of the great role models in my life. I am keenly waiting to watch more personalities who will be trained by Mr. "Sidharth Mahto.". Thanks a lot.
Dolly Yadav
English Spoken Trainer
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